TapSoft software finally becomes a reality! (sort of)

I want to start by saying “Hello World!”

Now, I feel I should explain the (sort of) part in the topic. I actually came up with the name TapSoft sometime around January or February of 2000. That is when I decided I wanted to make an Arkanoid type clone, because it was my favorite arcade machine game, because there were only a few out there and I just loved it that much. ­čÖé

I settled on the temporary name of Cool Bricks for my game and it has been that ever since. So welcome to the blog that Cool Bricks built! I have been at it, off and on, through many different variations of it since 2000 and still don’t have a full version, or even good demo version, to upload. ┬áThis blog is my motivation to complete Cool Bricks by talking about it with visitors to this blog thus encouraging me to get a finished game online.

I will upload screenshots as soon as I get some of this blogging business figured out and can maneuver the software better. Thank you for looking over my first post and I hope to see many comments in the future!