Minor update

The new Cool Bricks header pic I posted is a screenshot of level one. This level does not actually contain the Cool Bricks graphic name that has the icy glow effect in the header pic. That image is actually part of the game Intro screen but I added it to the level 1 screenshot for aesthetic reasons and since it’s the first actual image to be posted for Cool Bricks.

There’s still lots to do before there’s a Cool Bricks v1.0 release but I’m working hard at it and hoping there will be some playable form of it in the near future. Stay tuned for further updates and feel free to offer up any advice or suggestions that may make this a more functional page. This is only my second blog post so I’m very much still a N00b!

TapSoft software finally becomes a reality! (sort of)

I want to start by saying “Hello World!”

Now, I feel I should explain the (sort of) part in the topic. I actually came up with the name TapSoft sometime around January or February of 2000. That is when I decided I wanted to make an Arkanoid type clone, because it was my favorite arcade machine game, because there were only a few out there and I just loved it that much. 🙂

I settled on the temporary name of Cool Bricks for my game and it has been that ever since. So welcome to the blog that Cool Bricks built! I have been at it, off and on, through many different variations of it since 2000 and still don’t have a full version, or even good demo version, to upload.  This blog is my motivation to complete Cool Bricks by talking about it with visitors to this blog thus encouraging me to get a finished game online.

I will upload screenshots as soon as I get some of this blogging business figured out and can maneuver the software better. Thank you for looking over my first post and I hope to see many comments in the future!